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Karen Bird Ngale 950mm x 1530mm

Code : 7512

Title : Alpar (Rat Tail Plant)

Artist : Karen Bird Ngale

Dimension : 950mm x 1530mm

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Karen Bird Ngale

Karen was born in 1984, her language group is Anmatyerre and Ilkawerne within Utopia Region is her country. Karen is the daughter of Lindsay Bird, a senior elder for the Ilkawerne country. In addition to also being a prominent male artist from Utopia. Along with other younger women, Karen is taught the relevant stories associated with traditional ceremonies and as such, they learn what themes they are allowed to paint. Karen has several subjects which she paints with Alpar (Rat Tail plant seed story) being one of her prime ones. In olden times women would collect this seed, crush it and use it in making damper (bread).