About Mandel Aboriginal Art Gallery

Perma-Seal Australia Pty Ltd (ABN: 90005011472) trading as Mandel Aboriginal Art Gallery was established in 2004, collecting prominent aboriginal art from central and western desert area. The collection quickly grew to several hundred paintings and a gallery was established in Bourke St. Melbourne in 2007.

In the same year, we also commissioned a studio in Alice Springs where artists were engaged in producing outstanding aboriginal paintings in a relaxed environment. In 2012 we relocated to our current location at 673, Heidelberg Rd, Alphington VIC – 3078 (10 minutes of the Eastern Freeway).




Mandel Aboriginal Art Gallery showcases a broad range of contemporary and traditional artworks. As previously stated our collection is primarily sourced from Central and Western Desert area and the Kimberley region.

The gallery also has an in house studio where local artists paint. We offer a distinctive range of indigenous artworks by some of Australia’s most recognisable and collectable artists. One of our key elements is to continually identify and support the potential of new and emerging talent. Mandel is committed to catering to all tastes and offers competitive prices whilst not compromising on quality.

The ongoing aim of the gallery is to become involved and be recognised locally, nationally and internationally for its exhibitions and works of outstanding Aboriginal art for sale.



Aboriginal Museum Melbourne

We encourage you to visit our spacious art gallery where you can view artists applying their creative skills. Usually there are several artists in residence and it’s a wonderful experience to see these fabulous paintings take shape. Our in house artists welcome your questions and are always obliging to chat and share their life and cultural experiences from their homeland with you.

We have recently opened two new exhibition rooms, come in and have a cup of coffee or tea and personally view the amazing talent of these artists.


Gabriella Possum Nungurrayi at work in the gallery on her renowned
“Seven Sisters Dreaming“

Custom Framing

Mandel Art Gallery also provide custom framing services for your precious artwork.