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Debbie Brown Napaltjarri 1300mm x 2000mm

Code : 7106

Title : Sandhills

Artist : Debbie Brown Napaltjarri

Dimension : 1300mm x 2000mm

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Language Walpiri,  Debbie Brown Napaltjarri

Region Nyirripi Central Australia

The Wanakiji Jukurrpa (Bush Tomato Dreaming) travels through Yaturlu (near Mount Theo, north of Yuendumu). Wanakiji/ Bush Tomato grows in the open spinifex country and is a small, prickly plant with purple flowers that bears green fleshy fruit with many small black seeds. After collecting the fruit the seeds are removed with a small wooden spoon called ‘Kajalarra. The fruit then can be eaten raw or threaded onto skewers and then cooked over a fire. Wanakiji can also be skewered and left to dry. When they are prepared in this way it is called ‘Turlturrpa’ and the fruit can be kept for a long time In contemporary Warlpiri paintings traditional iconography is used to represent the Jukurrpa , particular sites and other elements.