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Bethany Nelson 1110mm x 1600mm

Code : 7264

Title : Bush Medicine Leaves

Artist : Bethany Nelson

Dimension : 1110mm x 1600mm

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Artist Profile 


Region:- Utopia, Northern Territory—Language– Anmatyerre  

Bethany has only been painting for a couple of years. In this small time, she has developed into a very talented artist who paints several dreams with Bush    Medicine Leaves & Bush Yam being two of the more prominent dreaming. She has     developed her skills from a close family member the highly talented and respected artist Jeannie Petyarre as Bethany is married to Jeannie’s son Dempsey Pula who is also an artist

  Her work is characterized by vibrant fresh colours and designs celebrating the spirit of the yam plant (Kurrajong Tree) as it generates year after year to feed the people. ‘Bush Medicine’ relates to the process of mixing various fruits and plants with animal fat to create bush medicine.