Top 10 reasons for considering aboriginal paintings as an idea for Christmas gifts and presents

Top 10 reasons for considering aboriginal paintings as an idea for Christmas gifts and presents

Top 10 reasons why to own an fabulous aboriginal painting this Christmas for yourself or Christmas present for a loved one. Indigenous art is unique and for someone who has everything it may be the perfect gift.

1. Unique, Original & Authentic 

All paintings are Unique, Original & Authentic with no two pieces are alike.

2. Traditional or contemporary styles

Our varied catalog allows you a choice of either a traditional or a more contemporary style of painting unique to Indigenous artwork.

3.  Various Shape, size, and colour range

Whatever your choice of painting, there are in excess of 900 pieces to choose from which come in various shapes, size and colour range to suit any style of home or office.

4. Quality and Class

You’ll be purchasing a painting that will be a showpiece of quality and class.

5. Reputation and excellent service 

All purchases are supported by the relevant documentation from a long established and reputable gallery with qualified personnel with the knowledge to advise and answer your queries thus giving you peace of mind to purchase with confidence.

6.  Purchasing an asset

Think of your purchase as an asset which in time should appreciate in value and can be passed on at a later stage.

7.  Choice of stretching or framing

Choice of stretching or framing with or without shadow frame and the availability to hang you either portrait or landscape all inclusive.

8.  Certificate of Authenticity (CoA)

CoA is provided for all paintings from our gallery verifying an original work from the nominated artist.

9.  Best value for money

Why pay more for lasting quality, our pricing is structured to accommodate all buyers.

10.  Purchasing an experience

Visit our Gallery which is bursting with the greatest range of paintings at the best prices.  You’ll take home more than just a painting, you’ll be taking home an experience.

View range of artist dreaming’s and their styles

Judy Watson , Betty Mbitjana , Dorothy Napangardi , Gabriella Possum Nungurrayi 

Different Traditional, Contemporary styles, and combination of both

Looking for a variety of contemporary indigenous artists profile or Australian contemporary art for sale? Take your pick at The Mandel Aboriginal Art Gallery and see what more we have to offer! Call us at 0394975111 for more information.

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