Bush Medicine Leaves: An Aboriginal Art Dreaming

Bush Medicine Leaves: An Aboriginal Art Dreaming

One of the most immensely popular and fascinating Aboriginal Dreaming stories is that of the Bush Medicine Leaves.Utopian women from Central Australia have long painted this ascetically pleasing and methodically executed story since the introduction of acrylic paint into their community.

The Utopian Women paint this dreaming as it pays homage to the natural shrub remedy which comes from the land and is used to treat small aliments, wounds, coughs and even be used as insect repellent. Commonly, leaves are boiled to extract the resin, which is then combined with Kangaroo or Emu fat.

A number of very talented and well recognised female Indigenous artists from Utopia paint the Bush Medicine Leaves including Gloria Petyarre, Rosemary Petyarre and Jeanie Petyarre all of whom are related.  They all paint with in a kaleidoscope of rich colour and differing leaf sizes and shapes.

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