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Georgina Kelly Napaltjarri 1400mm x 2000mm

Code : 7404

Title : Sandhills - Rockhole

Artist : Georgina Kelly Napaltjarri

Dimension : 1400mm x 2000mm

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Georgina Kelly Napaltjarri

Born in 1985, Georgina Kelly Napaltjarri is the daughter of Dolsi Kelly Nangala. Georgina resides at Mt Liebig, approximately 325kms west of Alice Springs along with her husband Abraham Phillips the grandson of highly respected artist Long Jack Phillips.

  The stories Georgina paints have been handed down to her by her mother Dolsi and grandmother, Lily Kelly Napangardi.  Her paintings are a representation of sand hills called ‘Tali’. Her works encompass intricate dot work, perfectly conveying the sacred sand hills of her country, passed onto her via generations of dreams.