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Freda Price Pitjara 950mm x 1530mm

Code : 7491

Title : My Country

Artist : Freda Price Pitjara

Dimension : 950mm x 1530mm

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Freda Price Pitjara

Freda Price Pitjara was born in around 1965 at Utopia which is located approximately 350km northeast of Alice Springs. She is the daughter of renowned artist Anna Price Pitjara and a descendant of the highly acclaimed and prominent Utopian artist, the late Emily Kame Kngwarreye.
Freda’s works have an immense resemblance to her mother’s works which is quite understandable as it was her mother Anna who taught her to paint. And as such, she paints, ‘My Mother’s Story. The focus of her dream is a profile depiction of her Mother’s Country, representing the sacred sites, concentrating often on Yam seeds, which are plentiful in Utopia.
For untold generations, the Anmatyerre people have been harvesting the seeds from this plant, to be ground down into a fine powder to make a damper. It is a highly nutritious and hardy food source in the desert. The sacred plant is celebrated in women’s ceremonies, through song, dance and body painting.
Like her mother’s works. they are considered to be complex and detailed with strong use of monochrome colours.