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Elaine Woods 850mm x 1500mm

Elaine Woods 850mm x 1500mm

Code : 6895

Title : Minya Kutjara Tjukurpa

Artist : Elaine Woods

Dimension : 850mm x 1500mm

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Elaine Woods

Language: Pitjantjatjara Country: Kanapi S.A. Elaine Woods was born at Docker River in 1969. Raised at Irruntji and later moved south to the Esperance areas. She has observed the art activity in the Pitjantjatjara lands emerge from its non-existence to the robust activity of today.
  Elaine has also had the privilege of watching her mother Maringka Baker flourish into one of the country’s highly recognized indigenous artists. Elaine's mother is the custodian of several Tjukurpa's (dreaming).   Beginning her painting career in 2010, Elaine has in this short period developed a reputation as an artist which has grown to the extent that she is being compared to other aboriginal artists such as Esther Bruno and Gracie Ward in the way they paint their family stories in the traditional ochre colours and their readiness to introduce brighter colours to usher their works to the next generation.
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