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Debra Nakamarra Young 1240mm x 2020mm

Code : 4731

Title : Women's Ceremony

Artist : Debra Nakamarra Young

Dimension : 1240mm x 2020mm

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Debra Nakamarra Young

Born: 11/12/1964, in Pintupi country of Papunya.
Debra’s heritage reflects a long line of acclaimed artists. Walangkurra & Jonny Yungut are her parents who taught her Dreamtime Stories.
Her sisters Lorraine Nakamarra Yungut (dec) & Katherine Nakamarra Marshall are also highly regarded Papunya Tula artists. Debra has been painting since 1984. A highly talented artist whose profile is rapidly expanding and as such her works are being much sought after both in Australia & Overseas
My Country:- This traditional style painting depicts Scared Sites, Rock Holes & Tali (sand hills) near Papunya which is her father’s country & the area of the artist's birthplace. Women use this area to perform their sacred ceremonies & teach their young women their Dreamtime Culture.