Yinarupa Nangala 90cm x 153cm
Yinarupa Nangala 90cm x 153cm
Artist - Yinarupa Nangala
Title - My Country
Size - 90cm x 153cm
Code - 5741

Price: $4500

About The Artist

Yinarupa is a Pintupi  woman  born c. 1948—across the W.A. border in the region of today’s settlement of Kiwirrkurra.. She is related by marriage to the families of highly respected and renowned artists “George Ward Tjungurrayi” and “Willy Tjungurrayi”.

Yinarupa began her painting career in 1996—however it is of only in recent times that both her reputation as a prominent aboriginal artist and  her works are being highly sort after.

In her paintings she  depicts her traditional land where the women gather to conduct ceremonial gatherings. The sacred designs represent an intuitive sense of space and rhythm and are associated with the rock hole site of  “Mikula”. During ancestral times a large group of women came from the west and stopped  at this site to perform the ceremonies associated with the area.


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