Venita Woods 117cm x 202cm
Venita Woods 117cm x 202cm
Artist - Venita Woods
Title - Minya Kutjara Tjukurpa
Size - 117cm x 202cm
Code - 5383

Price: $6000

Now: $4900

About The Artist

Venita was born in Kaltukatjara and grew up in her mother’s country at Kanpi and continues to live at Kanpi with her husband and their daughter. Venita is considered a highly successful artist along with her sister Jocelyn who is in her early stages as an artist. Together they are producing fantastic art.

The title of their painting is “Minya Kutjara Tjukurpa”.

The sisters uses the stories told by both mother, respected and talented artist Elaine Woods along with the famous grandmother the prominent and celebrated artist Maringka Baker. Their heritage is very evident in both Venita’s and Jocelyn’s paintings which are typical of APY lands rich red style dreaming. Both sisters via their heritage have become great storytellers, more so Venita as Jocelyn does not paint very often, however she does displays incredible talent. Their paintings highlight both vivid and vibrant outcomes and are showing great promise as artists, due to their young and creative minds.

Venita was a finalist in the 2015 – The Telstra National and Torrens Strait Islander Art Award

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