Tjawina Porter 500mm x 560mm
Ancestral Country
Artist - Tjawina Porter
Title - Ancestral Country
Size - 500mm x 560mm
Code - 4067
Price : $ 690

About The Artist

Born around 1940’s, Language Group – Ngaatjatjarra, Pintupi / Luritja,
Region – Yumara – W.A.

Mrs. Porter comes from famous painting family, in particular her half sister, the late Mrs. Bennett and full sister Ester Giles. Mrs. Porter lives with her sister in Tjulkurla which is an indigenous community in western desert of Australia, which also happens to be close to her birth place.

Mrs. Porter was known to be a very crafty person with exceptional skills in basket weaving and then after she commenced to painting carrier. Her paintings depict sand dunes known as ‘Tali’ and rock escarpments known as ‘Puli’ and food sources and water holes. Her paintings usually use a combination of white, brown, cream and orange tones with depicts place of ceremony and bush foods.

Her dreaming’s have been passed down from father and mother. Her paintings are in collections and galleries all around world.

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