Thomas Tjapaltjarri 95cm x 155cm
Thomas Tjapaltjarri 95cm x 155cm
Artist - Thomas Tjapaltjarri
Title - Thomas Tjapaltjarri
Size - 95cm x 155cm
Code - 5051

Price: $3500

About The Artist

Born C – 1964

Region – Kiwirrkurra-WA

Thomas along with other Pintupi people who included both his older & younger brothers Walala and Warlimpirrnga  (also both fine individual artists) first made contact with Australian Society in 1984. They moved to Kiwirrkurra which is a remote area in the Gibson Desert.

All the brothers commenced to paint for the Papunya Tula Artist a few years after coming into contact with the “Modern World”.   In 1984 Thomas produced his first painting in a style similar to his brothers “Tingari Cycle” depicting series of sacred & secret mythological ceremonies describing epic journeys of their ancestors.

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