Teresa Baker 1220mm x 1220mm
Tjukurra (Emu Dreaming) 1220mm x 1220
Artist - Teresa Baker
Title - Tjukurra (Emu Dreaming)
Size - 1220mm x 1220mm
Code - 4223
Price : $ 4750

About The Artist

Teresa Baker  was born in 1977  at Alice Springs and spent her formative years in Kanpi,  where she lived with her grandparents, the highly regarded and respected artist—Jimmy Baker and his wife.


 Living in Knapi at an early age, the community was also just in its establishment stages and as such their was no housing. Teresa later relocated to Fregon to live with her artist  mother Kay Baker. Completing school in Fregon and then Adelaide, Teresa then returned to Kanpi School teaching Pitjanjara language.


Teresa began painting in 2005 at Tjungu Palya Art Centre under the guidance of her grandfather – Jimmy Baker where she quickly developed a reputation as a skilled and natural artist whose works boast a great penetration of imagination. A  portion of her paintings illustrate the woman’s creation figure, Marlilu and in addition also refers to numerous animal dreaming such as Emu.


Teresa is married with three children and currently divides her time between   Alice Springs,Kanpi and her homelands at Watarru


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