Tanya Price Nangala 800mm x 940mm
Bush Medicine 800mm x 940mm
Artist - Tanya Price Nangala
Title - Bush Medicine
Size - 800mm x 940mm
Code - 2422

About The Artist

Born: – Utopia Region 1976

Tanya is a talented artist who learnt the dream time stories from her grandparents and parents and is now becoming a recognized and renowned artist. Tanya has developed her own individual technique with  her paintings that represents an aerial bird’s eye view of her country surrounding the region of Utopia.

The sophisticated dotting style utilized by Tanya along with the utilization of bright colours and vivid patterns made up of minute dots and icons that relate to the insect wildlife and  vegetation which surround the landscape of her homeland, are a standout feature of her work.

A cross section of Tanya’s dreaming stories relate to Women Ceremonies, Bush Dreaming , Honey Ant Dreaming and more recently has added Wild Flowers Dreaming

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