Sabrina Robertson Nangala 80cm x 160cm
Sabrina Robertson Nangala 80cm x 160cm
Artist - Sabrina Robertson Nangala
Title - Water Dreaming
Size - 80cm x 160cm
Code - 5396

Price: $3600

About The Artist

Sabrina Robertson Nangala was born in Alice Springs in September 1976. However she has spent the majority of her life in the remote community of Yuendumu where she attended school.

Yuendumu is approximately 290km North West of Alice Springs. Her late mother was the highly acclaimed artist Dorothy Napangardi and Sabrina is one of Dorothy’s five daughters.


Working alongside her sister Julie Robertson Nangala both sisters are gaining a reputation for being at the forefront of the next generation of emerging contemporary Indigenous Australian artists. They have both created their own individual style and this is highlighted by their ability to produce works ranging from pure black and white to an expertly mixed range of vivid colours.

 It is evident that Sabrina along with her sister Julie paintings have been influenced by their late mother both in style and stories they portray on canvas. These stories predominantly relate to the family’s ancestral land “Mina Mina” including features such as Water soakage, plants and the animals that roam throughout this landscape 

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