Ruby Morton Kngwarreye 360mm x 800mm
Wild Flowers 360mm x 800mm
Artist - Ruby Morton Kngwarreye
Title - Wild Flowers
Size - 360mm x 800mm
Code - 2608

About The Artist

Language Group:    Alyawarr 

 Region:- Arnkawenyer, Utopia Northern Territory  

  Dreaming:- Wild Flowers, Rainbow Dreaming ( Mpwelarr)  &

 Honey Ant  Dreaming( Yerramp)

Ruby comes from a very large artistic family headed by her mother Mary Kermarre Morton and supported by her four sisters Lucky, Sarah, Audrey and Hazel.

Ruby was born on MacDonald Downs and now lives at Arnkawenyerr with her sisters where they all paint together. She shares and paints the same dreaming as those of her sisters which are noted earlier in the  profile


2007- A brush with Art, Eastern Art Songs,

 Prairie Hotel Parachilna S.A.

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