Rosemary Petyarre 900 x 900 mm
Bush Medicine Leaves 900 x 900 mm
Artist - Rosemary Petyarre
Title - Bush Medicine Leaves
Size - 900 x 900 mm
Code - 4877

Price: $1250

About The Artist

Born : 1945 –Utopia Rosemary was one of a group of Anmatyerre women at the forefront of the art movement in the Utopia area. In 1988-89, she commenced painting with acrylic on canvas.

With her traditional upbringing and intricate knowledge of the outback which provided an abundance of wildlife and plant species such as medicine plants and native fauna combined with stories about the land that have been handed down by her elders have contributed to forming the basis of Rosemary’s paintings.

In her paintings, the main themes are primarily bush medicines Leaves, Yam Dreaming and Body Painting (Awelye )

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