Rini Tiger 620mm x 950mm
The Perentie Man 620mm x 1650mm
Artist - Rini Tiger
Title - The Perentie Man
Size - 620mm x 950mm
Code - 4650

Price: $1650

About The Artist

Rini Tiger is from the small community of Amata which is situated approximately 250Km west of the Stuart Highway and approximately 40Km south of the Northern Territory /South Australian border at the base of the Musgrove Ranges or 120Km south of Uluru (Ayers Rock). The population of Amata is approximately 480.The language spoken is Pitjantjatjara

 Tiger Palpatja her late father was also a highly recognised and respected artist and regarded as an elder with strong traditional ties within the Amata community who painted his dreaming of “Wanampi” – Water Snake.

Rini’s father had had a large impact on her artistic development and often painted with him whilst he was alive. His influence on her painting style is noticeable in her work however over a period she has now developed her own individualist style. Whist Rini can paint numerous dreaming these are a few of her more noted  Mintaka Perente – Lizard,  Wanampi Tjukupa –Water Snake and The Perentie Man – Creation Story

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