Ray James Tjangala 680mm x 940mm
Tingari Cycle 680mm x 940mm
Artist - Ray James Tjangala
Title - Tingari Cycle
Size - 680mm x 940mm
Code - 4007
Price : $ 1800

About The Artist

Born around 1958 at Yunala rock hole west of Kiwirrkurra in the Western Desert. He was amongst the last of the nomadic people to wander in from the desert with his parents in 1963. He was six years old when first encountered a white person

Ray is the son of Anatjari Tjampitjinpa a founding member of the Papunya Tula Art Movement. He began to paint in the early 70’s under the guidance of such artists as George Tjungurrayi and many other senior artists responsible in creating the Papunya Tula Art Movement.

His paintings portray “ Tingari Tjukurrpa”  and along with his famous father both featured in the historic Papunya Tula Genesis and Genius exhibition in 2000.

Ray has emerged as an extremely talented artist with his paintings being in high demand.

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