Rachael Nambula 300mm x 310mm
Pencil Yam Dreaming 300mm x 310mm
Artist - Rachael Nambula
Title - Pencil Yam Dreaming
Size - 300mm x 310mm
Code - 4048
Price : $ 400

About The Artist

Rachael Nambula was born C1970 at Stirling Station, north of Ti Tree in Central Australia. She is the daughter of prominent artist and winner of the 2005 Telstra Award Evelyn Pultara. Rachael was  born into an artistic gifted family apart from her mother other members of the family included her great aunt Emily Kngwarreye  and brother Greeny Purvis.

  With such a celebrated background it is quite evident where Rachael has obtained her inspiration to paint. Currently Rachael is a teacher’s assistant at the Neutral Junction Station Primary School in the Barrow Creek Region and continuing her studies at Bachelor College in Darwin ,aiming to become qualified teacher, specializing in Aboriginal Culture programs.

 Rachael is mother to four children, three boys and a daughter. It is fitting that Rachael continues to paint her ancestors dreaming consisting of – Bush Tucker, Pencil Yam, Emu Dreaming and Bush Yam.


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