Polly Ngala 107cm x 200cm
Polly Ngala 107cm x 200cm
Artist - Polly Ngala
Title - Bush Plum
Size - 107cm x 200cm
Code - 5749

Price: $4900

About The Artist

Abie Loy Kemarre belongs to the Eastern Anmatyerre language group  supported by a strong connection with her homeland at Iylenty or known as Mosquito Bore. Abie was born in 1972 and began to paint at an early age. She quickly developed her exceptional artistic skills through a close working relationship with her prominent grandmother Kathleen Petyarre. In addition she is also related to a number of other highly recognized artists from Utopia such as Gloria Petyarre, Ada Bird Petyarre and the late Emily Kngwarreye.

 Abie quickly picked on the techniques she was being taught by Kathleen and as such learnt to produce paintings where through her intricate dotting began generating a flowing like veneer of colour which quickly became an important and individual feature of her paintings.

The dreaming and stories which are a prime subject of Abie’s paintings   focus on the Bush Hen dreaming which she inherited from her grandfather, however through the years she has expanded on her Bush Hen Dreaming by developing a more vivid and alternative symbolic technique representing motifs of Sand Hills, Body Painting and Bush Medicine Leaves.


Abie Loy Kemarre has been exhibiting for thirty years both within Australia and internationally.

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