Polly Ngala 700mm x 1950mm
Bush Plum Dreaming 700mm x 1950mm
Artist - Polly Ngala
Title - Bush Plum Dreaming
Size - 700mm x 1950mm
Code - 2859

Price: $3800

About The Artist

Polly Ngala Art for sale

Region:- Utopia, Utopia ( Camel Camp) Northern Territory

Born :- 1940 —

Language Group….. Anmatyerr

Polly began her artistic career in the 1970,s. She often assisted her sister Kathleen and the late Emily Kngwarreye as they shared the same country. Polly depicts the “Bush Plum” and the effects it has on her country.

The topography of her art often highlights the shades of reds, oranges and yellows reflecting the varying seasonal palette.She builds up layer upon layer of colour creating a multi dimensional effect to reveal the Bush Plum Ankwety– and her country “Alparra “in all its glory.


1988: Aboriginal “Dot” Painting Melbourne

1992: “Modern Art-Ancient Icon”

The World Bank, Washington U.S.A




Polly Ngala is one of the most creative artists focusing on aboriginal paintings in Australia. Polly’s playfulness with vibrant colours and themes has resulted in some truly captivating paintings that are sure to lighten up any space.


We, at The Mandel Aboriginal Art Gallery, carry many of Polly Ngala’s prized pieces, giving this talented artist exposure to a wider audience. We cater to fans of aboriginal art so that they can access many of the wonderful artworks produced by exceptional artists. If you’re on the lookout for a great painting, and would like to learn more about artists such as Polly Ngala, then come and give us a visit at the Mandel Aboriginal Art Gallery.


Aboriginal Art by Polly Ngala


Polly Ngala began her career in aboriginal art in the 1970s, propelled by the encouragement of her talented and creative family. Her artistic sisters, Kathleen and the late Emily Kngwarreye, allowed her to assist in their projects and she was able to learn many tricks of the trade from them.


Polly Ngala paintings depict the “Bush Plum” and its influence on her country. This unique aboriginal art by Polly Ngala specifically highlights shades of red, orange and, yellow to focus on the vibrancy of seasons and its palette. She works exclusively with a special layering technique that allows for a multi-dimensional effect to reveal itself, slowly uncovering the Bush Plum as well.


These unique paintings by Polly Ngala are examples of the eccentricity, combined with inherent beauty, of many of the aboriginal works available at The Mandel Aboriginal Art Gallery. Unlike other modern and contemporary artists, aboriginal artists like these evoke feelings associated with nature that bring us closer to our environment so that we may marvel in its splendour. We are proud to offer the many paintings for sale Polly Ngala is best known for, among plenty of other aboriginal artworks, so that all may be able to enjoy these truly special pieces.


As a gallery and aboriginal museum in Melbourne dedicated to aboriginal art, The Mandel Aboriginal Art Gallery carries hundreds of paintings from a variety of talented artists. Since we launched in 2004, we have been offering the community a range of indigenous artwork from the central and western desert areas. The outstanding paintings we carry speak to the talent in the space, and we ensure that these artists also have an outlet for their creativity at our in-house studio. That is, artists have a space they can call their own to create, and a gallery where they can showcase their artworks.


Are you intrigued and would like to discover more about the art by Polly Ngala and other artists? Give us a call at 03 94975111 to find out more about our gallery and featured artists, like Polly Ngala.


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