Pauline Sunfly 970mm x 1260mm
Willkinkarra 970mm x 1260mm
Artist - Pauline Sunfly
Title - Willkinkarra
Size - 970mm x 1260mm
Code - 319

Price: $4500

About The Artist

Born: 1957
Location: Wirrumanu
Language: Kukatja

Pauline is the daughter of the famous Balgo painters, Sunfly Tjampitjin, and Bai Bai Napangardi, from whom she has inherited many Tjukurrpa (Dreamtime) stories.

Pauline learnt to paint from years of watching her father. She is an extremely dedicated and talented painter who producers graphic & powerful paintings by boldly recreating many significant stories with technical precision.

Pauline was born at Balgo Mission Hospital and educated through the mission school.  Whilst she has spent some time staying or visiting other places, she has for the majority of time preferred to remain in Balgo.


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