Ngoia Pollard 900 x 1200mm
Her Fathers Country 900 X 1200mm
Artist - Ngoia Pollard
Title - Her Father's Country
Size - 900 x 1200 mm
Code - 5678

Price: $1790

About The Artist

Born  at  Haasts Bluff   C. 1948

Currently –  Lives  Mt. Liebig-  Northern  Territory

Language Group—Warlpiri

Highlighting her father’s country, which is a sacred Walpari area with affiliated reference to the “Water Snake” are the main subjects of Ngoia’s paintings.

The oval shapes illustrated in her paintings are Iconography representation of  rocks,swamps & lakes a short distance North West of Mt. Liebig (Nyrripi —Talarada) where Ngoia lives.

She highlights the wet & dry characteristics of the land.  The region is changed with the spiritual presence of the “Water Snake” which lies beneath the surface.

The area also represents where her father hunted.


2006 –Telstra 1st Prize of the prestigious Northern Territory Art Award 

2004- First Prize in the Advocate Central Australian Award

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