Narpula Scobie 1200 x 1280mm
Two Women & Bush Food 1200 x 1280mm
Artist - Narpula Scobie
Title - Two Women & Bush Food
Size - 1200 x 1280mm
Code - 684

Price: $2450

Now: $1690

About The Artist

Born: – C. 1933.  Haasts Bluff   Central Desert,

Language – Pintpui / Pitjantjara

Narpula lives at Mt Liebig when not painting in Alice Springs.

Narpula  moved from Haasts Bluff  to Papunya during its early settlement in 1960s’ and began painting for the Papunya Tula Artists in the early 1980s’.

Her paintings depict bush food stories including “The Two Women who came from Mitukutjarrayi” in the south.

The quality of her work is seen through the considerable success achieved over her career. Her profile is also enhanced by the fact she is the younger sister of well known and renowned artist the late “Turkey” Tolson Tjupurrula”

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