Narelle Kitson 390mm x 440mm
Water Dreaming 390mm x 440mm
Artist - Narelle Kitson
Title - Water Dreaming
Size - 390mm x 440mm
Code - 3712

Price: $600

Now: $450

About The Artist

Narelle was born on the 27th April 1985 at Willowra Northern Terrotory.

Willowra (Wirliyatjarrayi) is a village on the Lander River in the south of the Northern Territory situated approximately 1000km south of Darwin, It has a population of around 350 people and is regarded as one of the smaller towns in Australia. Upon completing primary school at Willowra Narelle continued her education at Yirara College in Alice Springs until year ten.

Narelle began to paint when she was about twelve or thirteen years of age and her two most prominent tutors where her grandmother Nora Wompi Long and her own mother Janet Long Nakamarra. Both grandmother and mother are highly recognised and famous artists with their works being displayed and highly sought after throughout Australia

Being described as a young and emerging artist from the Northern Territory, Narelle’s reputation is on the rise reflecting in the demand for her paintings.

 Her mother and grandmother’s influence are evident in Narelle’s works through the sharing of similar dreaming and in the construction of the paintings

 Sand Hills, My Country, Bush Tucker and Water Dreaming are major themes to Narelle’s art and the one thing that stands out, is that her works are always painted with passion.

Currently Narelle is living in Melbourne and painting in Melbourne, however she is a frequent traveller and can be often found in her birth village Willowa, Sydney, Alice Springs or even as far as Darwin.

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