My Country 900 x 1500mm
Bombato Napangardi 900 x 1500mm
Artist - Bombato Napangardi
Title - My Country
Size - 900 x 1500mm
Code - 5763

Price: $3250

Now: $2900

About The Artist

Born in the 40’s in Pintupi country Winron across the WA border east of Kiwirrkura,\

Bombatu Napangati grew up ‘in the bush living a traditional life with her family, hunting and living of the land as the Aboriginal people did for thousands of years before her.

Bombatu is the widow of well known and acclaimed painter Dini Campbell Tjampitjinpa. Nowadays she spends some time living in Alice Springs however the majority of time is spent living at Kiwirrkura.

The themes most common associated with Bombatu’s paintings are related to women ceremony and places associated with Wiyarra (Rock Hole) more commonly referred to as her mother’s country located near the Western Australia & Northern Territory border and is a place she represents depicting in particular the “Tali” (Pintupi word) for sand hills with geometric dotted lines creating an almost maze like effect.

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