Molly Pwerle 120cm x 180cm
Awelye –  Body Painting 1200mm x 1800mm
Artist - Molly Pwerle
Title - Awelye - (Body Painting)
Size - 120cm x 180cm
Code - 3020

Price: $8900

About The Artist

Molly was born c1920 and currently lives in a small community outside Utopia located approximately 240km north of Alice Springs. She is the younger sister of renowned and acclaimed artist “Minnie Pwerle” and aunt to fellow artists Barbara Weir and Betty Mbitjana,


Both of her other sisters Galya and Emily are also distinguished artists. The three sisters tend to share the same dreaming with each individual establishing their own style and definition of the paintings to depict “Awelye” (Body Painting- women paint their upper body to celebrate various ceremonies.)


Molly’s painting career began in 2004 and this came about when her niece and eminent artist Barbara Weir organized a workshop for her older female relations which produced a first rate outcome.


 Molly’s chosen technique is to paint in a broad liberal fashion consisting of lines that coil across the canvas by utilizing essentially bright and vivid colours which instantly creates an impact to the viewer. This style has been highly successful and well received by galleries and collectors throughout the country.

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