Mary Morton Kemare 900mm x 1500mm
Awelye (Body Painting) 900mm x 1500mm
Artist - Mary Morton Kemare
Title - Awelye (Body Painting)
Size - 900mm x 1500mm
Code - 223

Price: $1990

Now: $699

About The Artist

Born: – 1925 @ MacDonald Downs

Language: – Alyawarr

Region: – Utopia Northern Territory

Dreaming: – Awelye (Body Paint), Bush Plum (Arnwekety)

Mary is one of the senior women on Utopia, and as such is passionately involved in maintaining traditional practices for her people. She is highly regarded for her bush medicine skills.

Mary’s entire oeuvre is devoted to Awelye, which refers to the ceremonial world of women’s business and includes women’s ceremonial body designs. These ceremonies are associated with women’s social structure and ritual knowledge. Awelye  can also refer to particular ceremonies and its songs, dances and designs.

This energy and passion as custodian of the Awelye is reflected in the innate lyricism in her work

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