Marlene Young Nungurrayi 60cm x 89cm
Marlene Young Nungurrayi 60cm x 89cm
Artist - Marlene Young Nungurrayi
Title - My Country
Size - 60cm x 89cm
Code - 5771

Price: $1500

About The Artist

Marlene is the daughter of the celebrated artist Tommy Lowry Tjapaltjarri and also the adopted daughter of prominent artist Doctor George Tjapaltjarri. Born in the Central Western desert area in 1971, Marlene belongs to the Pintupi Language group. In addition to coming from celebrated family who provided excellent tutelage in teaching and developing her painting skills, her husband Adrian Young Tjupurrula is also an acclaimed artist and the nephew of the late “Turkey Tolson”.


There are several dreaming that are the focus of Marlene’s paintings, however two of her more favoured are the travels which recounts the trek path, Kungka Kutjara which tells of women traveling to the locality of Munni Munni south east of Kintore. Another being titled “Awelye” (Body Painting) – when women paint their upper torsos in motifs to compliment a specific ceremony being performed.


Marlene’s is rapidly gaining a reputation as a fine painter and her works are easily identified through her use of vivid colours integrated with heavy coated paintwork characteristic of the Kintore region.          


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