Maisie Campbell Napaltjarri 100cm x 151cm
Maisie Campbell Napaltjarri 100cm x 151cm
Artist - Maisie Campbell Napaltjarri
Title - Women Ceremony
Size - 100cm x 151cm
Code - 3913

Price: $2790

Now: $1990

About The Artist

Maisie was born in 1958 near Haasts Bluff, about 300km NW of Alice Springs. – Home of the Luritja people, with numerous family connections to the Western Arrente and Pintupi people.
Maisie spent her adolescent years at Papunya where she also attended school with her first teacher being Geoffrey Barden a fact the remains close to her heart to this day. Her painting career began about fifteen years ago and one can clearly identify that her late husband (Barney Campbell Napaltjarri) has influenced her style through the dotting method which is a staple style utilized by countless Pintupi artists.

Maisie’s technique has since evolved and broadened into a free flowing representation of her stories highlighting a lively energy being incorporated in her dotting. She has become original with her choice of colours displaying imagination to be diverse in endeavouring to obtain desired effect whilst maintaining her inherent cultural and integrity within her paintings

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