Maggie Bird Mpetyane 320mm x 770mm
Women Collecting Bush Seeds 320mm x 770
Artist - Maggie Bird Mpetyane
Title - Women Collecting Bush Seed
Size - 320mm x 770mm
Code - 5275

Price: $420

About The Artist

Area –  Mulga Bore—Utopia

Language –  Eastern Arrernte

Maggie Bird is the eldest daughter of artist Paddy Bird (deceased) and Eileen Bird. Her grandmother is the late Ada Bird Petyarre, a highly respected senior artist from Utopia. Maggie has worked as a teacher’s assistant at Akaye School for 7-9-year-olds.

 In her spare time, she enjoys painting with her large extended family at Utopia, as well as hunting for sugar bags, honey ants, goanna and kangaroo.


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