Lorna Brown Napanangka 960 x 960mm
My Country 960mm x 960mm
Artist - Lorna Brown Napanangka
Title - My Country
Size - 960mm x 960mm
Code - 3999

Price: $1890

About The Artist

Born in 1965,

 Language  Group – Pintupi,

 Region – Kiwirrkurra  – W.A.

 Born in the Haasts Bluff, Lorna daughter of ’Timmy Payunka Tjapangati, started painting in 1996. Lorna’s line and dot work mix together to create a   balance that reflects the dynamic landscapes of the Western Desert.

 Her fine and rhythmic work evokes styles as diverse as the severe Western Desert, the grid patterns of the Tiwi Islands and semi-geometrical Art Deco motifs.

 Bobby West Tjupurrula was married to Lorna, who is also an accomplished artist.

 Lorna lives in community of Kintore and Kiwirrkurra, She also honored to have had one of her painting entered in the Telstra award of 2002, in addition for a time Lorna was also a Papunya Tula Artist.

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