Lilly Kelly Napangardi 950mm x 1540mm
Sand Hills 950mm x 1540mm
Artist - Lilly Kelly Napangardi
Title - Sand Hills
Size - 950mm x 1540mm
Code - 3006

Price: $3290

About The Artist

Born: C 1948 at Haasts Bluff Region Central Australia  

Language: Warlpiri, Region Watiyawanu (Mt Liebig) 

Lilly lived with her family at the settlement of Papunya in her early years, then moved to Watiyawanu (Mt Liebig approx 325Km west of Alice Springs) and today still spends most of her time there   with her well known artist husband Norman Kelly.   However Lilly does have short stints in Alice Springs to paint.

Lily is a respected senior law woman within her community & custodian over the Women dreaming stories associated with Kunajarrayi. 

Lilly’s depiction refers to her country, in particular sand hills, rock holes and the effect of wind and rain upon the desert landscape  

Exhibitions :  2003 Telstra Awards,   2004 Graham Marshall Gallery- Adelaide  

Collections :  The National Gallery of Australia-Canberra, National Gallery of Victoria –Melbourne

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