Khatija Possum 540 X 1100mm
Great Grandmother’s Country 540 X 1100 mm
Artist - Khatija Possum
Title - Great Grandmother’s Country
Size - 540 X 1100 mm
Code - 3662

About The Artist


Region:-Alice Springs, NT  Australia,

Language Group:- Anmatyerre

Khatija currently lives with her partner in Melbourne. Khatijia Possum is grand daughter of most respected and famous aboriginal artist Clifford Possum. Her parent’s Michelle Possum Nungurrayi and Health Ramzan Tjangala are also famous artists.

Khatijia’s mother – Michelle,  learned traditional stories from her father and started painting dreaming’s such as women’s ceremony and women’s country. Khatijia started observing her mother’s style and as stories passed from generation to generation, she started painting grandmother’s dreaming.







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