Julie Nangala Robertson 100cm x 125cm
Julie Nangala Robertson 100cm x 125cm
Artist - Julie Nangala Robertson
Title - Water Dreaming
Size - 100cm x 125cm
Code - 5394

Price: $3200

About The Artist

Julie was born c… 1973 at Yuendumu which is located in the Tanami Desert in the Northern Territory (approx. 370km North West of Alice Springs). Julie’s mother is the late “Dorothy Napangardi” who is recognized as one of Australia’s prominent indigenous female artists and a past Telstra Award winning artist.


From the latter part of the 1990’s Julie painted in close proximity to her mother and as such developed a comparable style – detailed and absorbing. The focus of her work portrays  the landscape of her country near “Mina Mina” of which she is a traditional custodian.


Her paintings highlight the rocky outcrops and the flowing deep water springs, thus creating an illusion of movement all through the canvas. More  recently Julie has started to paint more frequently which as a result, now has her works being   exhibited in numerous shows and exhibitions around the country on a regular basis.


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