Julie Woods Baker 90cm x 150cm
Minya Kutjara Tjukurpa 90cm x 150cm
Artist - Julie Woods Baker
Title - Minya Kutjara Tjukurpa
Size - 90cm x 150cm
Code - 5060

Price: $3800

Now: $2800

About The Artist

Julie Woods is a Pitjantjatjara woman living in Kanpi community, a small settlement in the far North West of South Australia. Her mother is Elaine Woods and her grandmother is Maringka Baker. Both these women are highly credentialed artists as individuals.

Like her mother and grandmother Julie has profound link to country and a spiritual  attachment with the land. These strong bonds to the desert are expressed with beauty and  integrity in her paintings.

Julie paintings portray dreaming which are usually associated with culture and  ceremonial law. –Titled: – Minyma Kutjara Tjukurpa. ( Tjukurpa – explains the creation of life and provides a guideline for living life well. There is a strong relationship between this deeply spiritual existence and creation of art which has integrity, beauty and  resonating power).

Julie is married to Lance Peck and together they have one child. Undoubtedly the  profile of Julie as an artist is fast gaining momentum. We look forward to seeing her career take off. 


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