Joy Petyarre 970mm x 1520mm
Yam Seed 970mm x 1520mm
Artist - Joy Petyarre
Title - Yam Seed
Size - 970mm x 1520mm
Code - 4738

Price: $2450

About The Artist

Born: c.1962

Language: Anmatyerre

Region: Utopia

Dreaming: Yam Seeds Dreaming

Joy Purvis Petyarre was born in Boundary Bore, Utopia. She is the daughter of  well known artist Glory Ngarla (Deceased) and sister to very famous Anna Price Petyarre.

She started learning at very young age from her mother and later started working on canvas with acrylic paints. Her style depicts “Yam Dreaming” with fine dotting style and subtle shades of colours.



1981 Adelaide Festival of Arts

1996 Tandanya Aboriginal Cultural Institute, Adelaide

1990 Institute of Contemporary Art, Perth

1994 Brahma Tirta Sari Batik Studio, Joogyakarta, Indonesia

1998 Aboriginal Art Galleries of Australia, Melbourne


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