Joy Maxwell Nampitjinpa 880 x 900mm
Women Ceremony 880mm x 900mm
Artist - Joy Maxwell Nampitjinpa
Title - Women Ceremony
Size - 4875
Code - 4875

Price: $1300

About The Artist

Joy was born c1960 at Haast’s Bluff and belongs to the “Pintupi” language group from Central Australia. She is the daughter of one of the founding members of the Papunya Tula Artist Pty Ltd (George Maxwell Tjangala).


Her painting heritage extends back to 1972 where her father worked with such people as Geoffrey Bardon and Turkey TolsonTjupurrula who were instrumental in developing the Papunya Tula Artist movement.


Both her mother Pantiya Nungurrayi and brother Raymond are also highly accomplished and recognized artists. Joy utilizes an array of colours to portray her dreaming stories which relate to either sacred women business or the referencing of her father’s country. 

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