Jorna Newberry 920mm x 1200mm
Walpa Tjukurpa 920mm x 1200mm
Artist - Jorna Newberry
Title - Walpa Tjukurpa
Size - 920mm x 1200mm
Code - 4224
Price : $ 3750

About The Artist

Jorna began painting in the mid-1990’s at Warakurna, producing art for occasional collectors. From Warakurna she joined the Irrunytju Arts Centre and began to paint with this group.


However in  more recent times she established a relationship working alongside her legendary uncle Tommy Watson  ( Sadly Tommy passed away in November 2017) Having had the guidance of Tommy has been a pivotal factor in Jorna’s works being critically acknowledged.


She was very diligent in following instructions to  favour  the concept of abstraction as a stylistic mode to ensure the secrecy of important cultural matters, rather than taking the more figurative approach of the Papunya Tula artists. She comments “Tommy has had a major influence on me –he taught me to be respectful in the way I paint


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