Joeleen Loy Kemarre 960mm x 960mm
Thorny Mountain Lizard 960mm x 960mm
Artist - Joeleen Loy Kemarre
Title - Thorny Mountain Lizard
Size - 960mm x 960mm
Code - 4053

Price: $2900

About The Artist

Artist Profile 

Joeleen Loy is an Australian Indigenous artist with his heritage tracing back to the small community of Utopia in Australia’s central desert located approximately 350Km slightly North East of Alice Springs.

 He was fortunate to be born into a highly prominent and credentialed family of indigenous artists from Utopia which includes his mother Margaret Loy sister Abie Loy along with grandmother Kathleen Petyarre winner of the prestigious “Telstra Award” in 1996.


Joeleen painting is pieces that have been produced with the extreme application and intense precision similar to how he was taught by women of the family.

The work is usually minimalistic and is characterized by fine a fine dotting technique. Like the members of the family, Joeleen paints several dreaming which include Mountain or Thorny Devil Lizard, Bush seeds and Bush Medicine Leaves.


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