Jessie Hunter Pitjara 1220mm x 1250mm
Women Busness  1220 x 1250mm
Artist - Jessie Hunter Pitjara
Title - Women Business
Size - 1220mm x 1250mm
Code - 3033

About The Artist

Jessie was born in 1957 at MacDonald Downs and is currently a Wurundjeri Senior Elder. Her mother Molly Pula is the sister of one of Utopia’s most famous artists the late “Minnie Pwerle”. Jessie’s three siblings Sandy, Susie and Annie are also accomplished well known artists in their own right.

The main themes to Jessie’s works /dreaming are stories which relate to Women Business which incorporates  “Awelye” (Body Painting) ceremonies. This is where women paint / decorate the upper part of their bodies during the various ceremonies. Different designs are painted according to the ceremony to be conducted. These designs are painted from an aerial perspective

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