Jeannie Petyarre 920 x 1500mm
Bush Medicine Leaves 920mm x 1500nn
Artist - Jeannie Petyarre
Title - Bush Medicine Leaves
Size - 920mm x 1500mm
Code - 2471

Price: $2300

About The Artist

Jeannie Petyarre Art for sale

Region: – Utopia, Northern Territory

Language– Anmatyerre

Jeannie is an Anmatyerre woman born at Utopia in 1957, and the younger sister of Artist  – Greeny Purvis also a highly respected artist.

Jeannie’s reputation as an artist over the last decade has advanced in leaps and bounds and is now also recognized throughout Australia as a very collectible artist.

Jeannie paints several “Dreaming” and two of her most prolific being-  bush tucker stories, such as her ‘Bush Yam Dreaming’ and ‘Bush Medicine’ stories.

Her work is characterized by vibrant designs celebrating the spirit of the yam plant as it generates year after year to feed the people. ‘Bush Medicine’ relates to the process of mixing various fruits and plants with animal fat to create medicine. These colorful styles were taught by her Aunt, the famous Emily Kame Kngwarreye, who told Jeannie before she died that she must continue to paint the family’s dreaming.


The National Gallery of Australia– Canberra

The Holmes A Court Collection– Perth


Jeannie Petyarre is recognized across Australia as a highly collectible artist. With a likeness for dreaming sequences and stories, Jeannie creates aboriginal artwork that has become critically acclaimed over the last few decades.

As such, The Mandel Aboriginal Art Gallery is a proud sponsor of Jeannie Petyarre’s work carrying a large variety of her beautiful art at reasonable costs. We strive to keep the people of Australia inspired by aboriginal art and the transcendent messages that they evoke by housing paintings and artwork by renowned artists. If you’re looking for a piece of art that you will love for years to come, visit The Mandel Aboriginal Art Gallery and see the beautiful aboriginal works of talented artists.

Aboriginal Art by Jeannie Petyarre

Born in Utopia in 1957, Jeannie Petyarre grew up surrounded by creative individuals, including her brother and artist, Greeny Purvis. Over the years, Jeannie Petyarre’s paintings have evolved to become some of the most recognized pieces of aboriginal art in Australia.

The aboriginal art by Jeannie Petyarre features “Dreaming” themes, including two stories on which her most beloved paintings are based, “Bush Yam Dreaming,” and “Bush Medicine” stories. Essentially, the paintings by Jeannie Petyarre are characterized by vibrant designs and themes, honing in on the beauty of the yam plant as it grows generously every year to feed the people.

Specifically, ‘Bush Medicine’ relates to the process of mixing various fruits and plants with animal fat to create medicine that helps alleviate many ailments. Jeannie’s aunt, the famous Emily Kame Kngwarreye, taught her these colorful styles, encouraging her to paint the family’s dreams even after her death. This motivated her to continue painting, and it’s this very reason the art by Jeannie Petyarre entails some of the most prized and highly sought-after artworks we carry at The Mandel Aboriginal Art Gallery. We understand the beauty in her work so we ensure to offer paintings for sale Jeannie Petyarre is best known for so that all fans of aboriginal art can enjoy and own them.

Mandel Aboriginal Art Gallery

The Mandel Aboriginal Art Gallery caters to those that enjoy and appreciate aboriginal art. We collect exclusive aboriginal artworks from western and central desert areas. Since we launched in 2004, we have grown to house hundreds of unique pieces from a variety of artists including, Jeannie Petyarre. We strive to bring aboriginal art to the forefront of the art world, giving these pieces exposure to a larger audience. As such, we also offer an in-house studio to those artists that would like to paint and explore their creativity further.

If you are looking for a unique piece of aboriginal art, The Mandel Aboriginal Art Gallery is sure to carry it! For more information on our gallery, give us a call at 03 94975111. We look forward to seeing you!

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