Jean Hudson Nampijinpa 1220 x 1520mm
Fire Dreaming 1220mm x 1520mm
Artist - Jean Hudson Nampijinpa
Title - Fire Dreaming
Size - 1220mm x 1520mm
Code - 4706

Price: $8000

Now: $3900

About The Artist

 Jean Hudson Nampinjinpa

Jean Hudson Nampinjinpa was born C1954 at Mt Allan Northern Territory and comes from the Warlpiri language group. Her homeland at Mt Allen is where she was raised in the in the traditional ways and laws of her people.

Jean has several ways of expressing her dreaming on canvas (Women’s Ceremony, Fire Dreaming and Bush Onion-Yalka Tjurkapa) the latter being her most stylistic. Bush Onion Yalka Tjurkapa means that this painting expresses a past, present and future. The artist has a strong connection with her land and the origins of the Bush Onion Dreamtime.

She knows the ceremonial rituals, taboos and stories associated with this plant, which were passed down from her mother and aunties.The Bush Onion Dreaming offers ethnographic content encompassing cultural and ceremonial significance.

Jean is illustrating the Bush Onion Dreaming painting designs in the salt lakes site Yalka in designs that are expression of body painting.

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