Janet Golder Kngwarreye 960 x 1460mm
My Couintry 960mm x 1460mm
Artist - Janet Golder Kngwarreye
Title - My Country
Size - 960mm x 1460mm
Code - 4967

Price: $2400

About The Artist

Born:-1973, Region:-Utopia Central Australia,

Language Group:- Anmatyere

Janet is married to Ronnie Bird Jungula, the son of renowned artist- Ada Bird Petyarre (and the granddaughter of even more famous Emily Kngwarreye & Kudditji  Kngwarreye)

An exciting new emerging artist, with dreaming stemming from the Awelye, depicting predominantly the women ceremonial body paint designs and more recently –Yam& Bush Medicine dreaming.

Janet utilizes fine dot work, linear patterns and bush tucker to illustrate the ceremonial body paint. This artist displays talent in her artwork, which undoubtedly has been passed on from her renowned extended family.

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