Janet Long Nakamarra 960 x 1200mm
Water Dreaming 960mm x 1200mm
Artist - Janet Long Nakamarra
Title - Water Dreaming
Size - 960mm x 1200mm
Code - 3534

Price: $2400

About The Artist

Janet Long Nakamarra

Born: – 1960 at Anninie

Language Group: – Warlpiri

 Upon leaving school in 1975 Janet gained employment as a Literacy worker at the school producing books in the language “Warlpiri.”  She remained working at the school for 13 years.

Between 1990 & 1992 Janet graduated as a teacher and taught in the classroom achieving the status of Linguist.

Whilst doing work experience along with two other women they wrote a book titled “Warlpiri Women’s Voices”

 In 1989, Janet embarked on her painting career to paint her stories and dreaming, with assistance from her mother and two aunts May and Molly Naparulla they showed Janet how to paint the dreaming and stories associated with the traditional body paint designs. The stories that she shares through the detail of the paintings are a force in their cultural identity.

 At present Janet is studying law and also working as an interpreter for various government agencies and community members of the Northern Territory. 

In 1999 Janet held a solo exhibition in Sydney, Chifley Plaza. And has also exhibited work in New York which gave her valuable experience for the future.

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