Heather Long Pitjara 620mm x 940mm
Bush Yam Dreaming 620mm x 940mm
Artist - Heather Long Pitjara
Title - Bush Yam Dreaming
Size - 620mm x 940mm
Code - 4446

Price: $990

About The Artist

Heather Long Pitjara was born around 1990 at Utopia which is located approximately 350 Km slightly North East of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory. Heather is the daughter of the highly talented and respected artist Jeannie Pettyare.

Under the guidance of her mother and many other prominent related  artists  from her extended  Pitjara family, Heather is now beginning to grow her own reputation and individual style. Whilst her mother’s art  mainly focuses on the Bush Medicine Leaves, Heather’s main topic is “Bush Yam Dreaming”.

In addition to painting, Heather can also be found as a teacher at her local community school of Utopia.


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