Gracie Ward Napaltjarri 80cm x 100cm
Gracie Ward Napaltjarri 80cm x 100cm
Artist - Gracie Ward Napaltjar
Title - Muntati - My Grandmothers Country
Size - 80cm x 100cm
Code - 4348

Price: $3200

About The Artist


Language: Pintupi/Ngaatjatjara


Country: Warakurna WA

 Gracie is the daughter of George Ward Tjungurrayi a highly eminent first generation indigenous artist dating back to when the western desert art movement was just beginning  to evolve. Today he is still one of the most collectable painters with his art being acquired and exhibited both within and outside Australia. Gracie was born in this era (1973) at Papunya, however as a young child moved to Docker River and later to Warakurna.


She began her artistic career in 2004 through the encouragement and guidance from her parents. Originally her paintings portrayed the typical Pintupi dotting manner with a colour focus relating to her father’s country. In 2008 Gracie modified her style and this resulted with the colours of her works being much more vivid and bold.


Gracie’s paintings predominately relate to her grandmothers long established homelands, referencing the places within this landscape where women ceremonies are staged, more commonly referred to as “Women Business”

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